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  • Overcoming the stress of making a claim by using Like4like and CIIS

    Home insurance claims are something that, ideally, we would all like to avoid. Even though you will be paying a monthly premium for buildings insurance, which protects the bricks and mortar of your property, and contents insurance, which protects your belongings within it, claiming will usually mean something unpleasant has happened.

    This could be anything from a flood, fire or burglary - although a claim could also arise from a more minor event such as smashed window, or even a red wine spill on the white sofa providing your policy covers accidental damage.

    The fastest and easiest way to make a claim is to use the Like4like service provided by CIIS.

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    How do you claim on your home insurance?

    In most cases, the very first step is to dig out your policy documents and booklet so it's worth keeping these in a handy place.

    Within the policy documents you will find your own personal policy number plus the terms and conditions that should tell you if you are covered for accidental damage and the excess figure.

    If it's a burglary you have suffered however, the first step will always be to call the Police. Not only will they need to come and take forensics as soon as possible, they will also need to issue you with a crime reference number which you will need before you can proceed with a claim on your home insurance.

    You will also need to include receipts as proof of purchase for the items you are claiming on.


    If you can't lay your hands on the receipts, try digging out credit card statements which can prove the purchases instead. If you purchased the goods via the internet then you will be able to look up and print your online account invoice history.


    If you don't have copies of these, call your bank or credit card provider and ask to be sent the relevant months' statements.

    Photographs are also accepted as evidence. Basically, the more documentary evidence you can produce, the smoother and quicker your home insurance claim will be.

    What happens then in my home insurance claim?

    You need to fill out the Claim form on the validation.like4like.biz website, please remember to provide accurate information regarding your claim.

    When you have completed your Claim form Like4like will send you an Email with further instructions on how to get an accurate valuation on you claim.

    Once you have the valuation it will be then up to you to decide if you wish to continue with the claim bearing in mind the excess charge and the effect the claim may have on any future policy.

    If you decide to proceed, CIIS will send an investigator to your home to confirm the loss or damage you state in your claim and will, if appropriate, remove the item/s so as to provide you and your insurance company with an unbiased report into the damage / loss as well as take copies of proof of ownership.

    So long as you have filled out your claim form honestly and accurately, and the policy is robust enough for your claim, you should not encounter any problems.

    CIIS will then organise to carry out repairs and works where necessary, or pay you the amount you have agreed to in their valuation report including the excess deduction by sending you a voucher which can be redeemed at any Curry’s or PC World store or transfer the amount into your bank account or by cheque through the post. The benefit of the voucher is that you get to choose how you spend it unlike if you were to deal with your insurance company direct where their 3rd party representative can force a replacement product on you.

    Home insurance claims excess

    Remember you will need to pay an excess, you will always have to contribute the compulsory excess, though the voluntary excess will vary according to what you agreed when you took out the policy. Bear in mind that once you have made a claim, the cost of your policy could rise when you come to renew and will also affect any no claims discounts you have built up.

    Nevertheless, the point of home insurance is to claim on it when you need it, so don't let that put you off. Let CIIS take the strain out of the claims process for you by using their service bearing in mind they have over 20 years’ experience in this specialised field and are focused on Treating Customers Fairly.

    Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) Act 2012


    As from 6th April 2013 the Consumer Insurance Act 2012 comes into force.



    This ACT updates the legal basis on which insurance contracts are sold to consumers and brings outdated laws into line with current market practice.


    One of the key things that the Act does is to make clear that consumers need to take care when answering questions asked as part of an insurance application.  There is no need for customers to volunteer information that is not requested, but all questions which are asked must be answered fully and accurately, otherwise your policy may be invalid, or cause a claim to be rejected or not fully paid.




    Do I need to take any action?



    You do not need to take any action other than taking care to make sure that you have answered all questions we have asked fully and truthfully and that the facts which appear in the policy schedule and proposal confirmation sent to you remain correct.


    If you have any questions please contact CIIS and we will be happy to discuss this with you.